Praia do Rosa is a destination of stunning natural beauty, the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. Due to its proximity to the beaches of Argentina is a favorite because it is the closest beach to a distance of 1500 km of Buenos Aires, surpassing even Bombinhas Florianópolis, so the tourists who come by car in Praia do Rosa a reason to choose it, thus allowing families and young people saving the airline group.
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  • Terms of Reservation
  • Children from 4 years pay additional;
    Two children under 4 years pay additional value 1;
    In low season we rented at least two daily;
    In high season we rent at least 7 daily;
    'll Rent fewer days depending on availability of the packages already sold;
    We offer chairs and umbrellas for guests to take to the beach;
    Just make reservation by paying 50% of the total price of the reservation, the deadline for payment is 24 hours from the request of pre booking;
    Check-in will be from 14:00 pm to 16:00 pm off season and in high season;
    The check-out will be 12:00 hs

  • Payment and reservation
  • To book a signal 50% of the total, the rest will be paid at check-in is required;
    Payment can be made ​​with
    * Deposit
    * Money
    * Credit card and debit
    * Pay up to 6 times depending on the value of the package.

    Praia do Rosa - Imbituba - SC - Brasil - (+55) (48) 9662 0688- Tone Pousada
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