Praia do Rosa is located about 90km from Florianópolis and 15 km from Florianópolis is the place to relax, play sports and enjoy the many natural beauties here. Praia do Rosa is surrounded by sea, white sandy beaches and two lagoons. It is world renowned for its calm waves and sandy bottom, ideal for surfers, wind and kite surfing, you want to learn and enjoy, so does the nature of the region largely intact, allows us through paths and roads, places reserved for the spirit of aventura.Todos year in the months of July to November, Southern Right Whales come to its shores to mate and nurse their young there in the first months. To the south are Lake Ibiraquera gives a perfect place to admire the sunsets and varied species of birds. Praia do Rosa is situated in a subtropical coastal region, the city offers a climate with an average temperature of 25 ° C are common "veranitos" between May and August (this is in principle the first days of winter a succession of hot days in the month of April)

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  • Ecological Trails Praia do Rosa
  • King's Way
    Also called the High Morro Way, which shows the sea from above, among groves of native forest.
    The trail is about 1.5km.

    North corner
    The beginning of the trail takes on a boardwalk at the north end of the Praia do Rosa, hard to get around on the shore of the sea.
    Approximately 3 km of uphill and downhill until you reach the Red Beach.
    With path well signposted with arrows and stairs, and even children can make available the trail safely.
    The recommended stopping is to go and enjoy the contrasts of sea blue with green vegetation.
    And still have the graceful vision from the top of dozens of surfers riding the wave Corner North, in the first part of the trail.
    Take water and sunscreen.
    There are bars on the way: only native forest, bromeliads and cactus, among other species.

    South corner
    The trail starts at the end of King's Road, to the top of the hill in the southern corner of Praia do Rosa.
    A walk of about 2km, with a beautiful landscape of different ecosystems, through Luz beach, the bar Ibiraquera Lagoon and Island Batuta.

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